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2 years ago

Learnings from hotdog

I woke up this morning with the sound of my stomach. I decided to buy some breakfast and guess what I have for breakfast? Yes, my favorite hotdog. While I'm eating I have some random conversation with my boyfriend and he suddenly ask me what i have for breakfast. I took a picture of my food and immediately send it to him. His reaction was "awww why are you doing this " Yes his over acting hahaha. His thinking that I make him jealous because he can't eat this kind of hotdog. My boyfriend is living in Canada for good. I remember when he was still here in the Philippines, he always want to eat outside when they have hotdog in the table because they have it almost everyday. When they moved to Canada he can't find the same hotdog that he have here in the Philliippines and from then on he always dreaming of eating that hotdog. I also remember the time when he visited here he always have hotdog for breakfast. Things I've learned from this, We should always value what we have. Appreciate whatever you have because you'll never know when will they be gone. You can loose everything in just a wink of an eye and the mist important thing that I've learned is that not everyone gets a second chance so if you do make the most out of it. Yes this are the learning that I have from hotdogs :)

2 years ago

Something about me!

I think there is no other way to start this blog rather than introducing myself.  Hi I'm Audin Joy! 21 years old. I think this is the most basic information I want to share for now, because as I go along with this blog you'll definitely know more about me. This time I would just want to share what I thought I am. Growing up I am really interested in writing. I have diaries and journals to document some of my day to day experiences and learnings. When I was in college I always dreamed of having my own blog, a blog where I can share some of my interests, hobbies, life event and etc. but because I have a lot of things to prioritize I wasn't able to make one. Now that I have the courage to do one I hope I will be able to inspire someone who would read this. I belive that there's no such a thing as perfect like this blog. I know that I am not that good in writing especially in english. I may have some gramatical errors or i may not spell some words correctly but that wouldn't stop me from sharing my thoughts with other. Life isn't just all about perfection, it's all about contentment wherein everything looks perfectly even if they don't. I am not expecting that someone will read this blog but if someone accidentally notice this I hope that he or she will have a great time reading this. Sometimes  I'm serious and a bit emotional but don't worry this blog will not be all about serious stuffs in my life. As I try to open up my life through this blog you will discover who I am as a person, what I like and also what I believed in. I may be boring at times but I will try everything so that this blog will be fun and interactive as it can be. I think I already shared some of my thoughts about me and it's now up for you to decide if you want to read my blog or not. Just sharing!